Assero Gear Tropical Motorcycle Pants
Cordura 1000D Tropical Motorcycle Pants

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News: 28 March 2020. The Assero Jacket Sale has begun! We have discovered some stock of our Air-Speed Cordura 1000D jackets and some other Assero jackets in small number. Grab yourself a bargain on a Cordura 1000D jacket!

We have sold out of some sizes of Tropical pants (gone are sizes W32/L34 & W44/L32). We have most other sizes.

Coronavirus update: We will work until the postal service ceases in Thailand and Indonesia. We have stock in both countries.

If you require Assero pants or a jacket for this summer, please get in touch soon. The best way to reach us is via our Contact Form . Should you wish to place an order, let us know what you would like and we will double-check sizing with you before despatch. Be sure to leave a valid email address. International payments can be made using PayPal and payments within Thailand via Kasikorn Bank.

Assero Tropical Motorcycle Pants

The strongest, coolest, most versatile hot weather motorcycle pants in the world. Cordura 1000D, SAS-TEC Level 2 Knee Protectors, optional hip protectors.

Order ASSERO TROPICAL PANTS, Air-flow Cordura 1000D, $185 / 5,500THB

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS TO SOUTH-EAST ASIA AND ON ORDERS OVER $100 TO U.S.A.. Includes: S-E Asia inc. Cambodia, Lao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, & Vietnam.

April 2019: Sam D. explores Vietnam in Assero Gear
April 2019: Sam D. explores Vietnam in Assero Geartion here

Why buy Assero Gear? The reason is simple. Quality. As a small scale manufacturer of motorcycle clothing we focus our attention on making specialised garments that are comfortable in hot weather and over-engineered for safety. For example, nearly every brand of textile motorcycle clothing uses standard polyester thread. This looks good until the garment is subject to abrasion or extreme stress. You have probably seen photographs of motorcycle jackets involved in accidents where a sleeve is hanging off. It is not uncommon for seams to fail and so the garment splits open sliding down the road.

In nearly five years of operation, we have not seen a single instance of an Assero Cordura jacket or pants where a seam has failed in an accident. It is not impossible. But using Nylon Cordura 1000D fabric, famous for its abrasion resistance, together with Coats Star military specification Nylon thread and stitching the Cordura over a concealed safety seam, means seam failures are unlikely. In practical terms, this is the difference between suffering severe road rash or getting up uninjured. And being able to ride home in your Assero garment, safe in the knowledge it will not let you down.

Assero Tropical Pants
Assero Tropical Pants

Our Background

Assero Gear is a boutique brand of cool, comfortable and protective motorcycle garments for tropical conditions. Our Cordura garments are cooler and stronger than Kevlar lined denim or polyester. Our broad weave Nylon allows air to flow through the whole garment. To ensure the highest possible quality we make all Assero gear ourselves in our own workshop. We do not sub-contract to a low-cost factory. We use the highest quality Cordura fabric, Coats thread, and YKK garment fittings. All Assero Gear branded products are warranted to the original owner against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Assero Gear motorcycle clothing was conceived in Thailand in 2013. At the time there was little available for motorcycling in hot and humid conditions. And none that was durable and protective. So we started to make our own. Above all, the clothing had to be strong, cool in hot weather, and resistant to fading. It had to be fitted with high quality EU standard joint protectors. And it had to be easy to care for, dry quickly after a rain shower, and to be all-day comfortable. Our first product was our Cordura 1000D Tropical motorcycling pants. Soon they become popular driven entirely by word-of-mouth. Assero Gear was born.